Amazonian Time Zone

I want to live in a Amazonian time zone with less frigidity

With the Tuesday sloshing on my old boots and de Nîmes saline

If I could only hope for another brown water and humidity and Açaí

Damp but not shattered by cold or tempered ruddy in the Arctic gale

We might catch the plague in Brazil,

But then our bodies could turn to sweat

While our skins become polished hazel

Dribbling across our body the enduring wet

The North Sea is flooding our homes

But it only offers a flotsam of old bones

Distant memories of shipwrecked coal barges

Embarking for warmer storm-less seas of our heart

Wanting to hide there while Django tangles my art

With sweet strawberry blond symbiotic serenades

Walking in the green and sultry darkness, chaste

And softly speaking to the streets our contradicts


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