Liberty Bell

I realise that I am 38 and suddenly I’m prejudiced and not just any prejudice but a whopper – I dislike … actually not people individually or those who are free to think openly and would question indocrination. I like anyone as an ‘individual’ who can think for themselves and need not resolve to a group symbols and group identities. It is the concept that within my locale there are millions of people who keep up this pretense of being in a special privilaged order outside of the vast majority. These grouped individuals never present themselves without saying I’m jewish, a muslim, a hindu, a roman catholic, a Protestant, almost before a word has left their mouth. I feel am just a human, in a community of humans and we all just the same. It makes me angry that people can create these groups. They don’t/won’t marry outside their clique, eat only the correct food, pay homage to a god or a prophet. Slipping between middle class English and another language depending on what it is they’re discussing and maybe it’s my sudden appearance…I think I generally look out of place in these groups of people; something in my heritage and maybe this why I am a loner? Oh Dear. Where does this deep passionate feeling aspire from. This comes from being too loving and accepting of different cultures. I don’t like locked doors and gates. The word prejudice – where does it come from?

1250–1300; ME < OF < L praejūdicium prejudgment, orig. preliminary or previous judicial inquiry, equiv. to prae- pre- + jūdicium legal proceedings, judging (jūdic-, s. of jūdex judge + -ium -ium )

2. preconception, partiality, predilection, predisposition. influence.

Related forms:

prej⋅u⋅diced⋅ly, adverb
prej⋅u⋅dice⋅less, adjectiv


Liberty Bell


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