dung walk

Out for dung walk at 10am. Just been blanked. Looked at dog, but not 
at me. Is it an invisible person walking the dog?
On top of the ings and just seen mark Bolton. Plastic raver? Had to 
have all the kit for walking! Hunters barbar. Baba! 10.48
Oh well collingham here I come. Knees giving me jipp. Need Ginger?
Hit the church in collingham at 1120. Snoops is tangled!
Working my way back to you, babe with a happiness inside – the Detroit 
Spinners! Kirk Deighton fête on my own 1980. Dave Edmunds. Snoops and 
I am back he’s eaten a whole tin and I’ve eaten a ton of pasta 
1230…decided to tidy the front room. Top to bottom. Shoe’d snoops 
upstairs…grumble grumble. 1510. Preparing for trip back. 1620 bus to 
Leeds. Curry night. Can’t find jsa book!
1550 and I don’t know why but I’m not looking forward to going to 
Leeds. Some times I prefer the quiet of this street, braine road. 
Returned library book bus on time!
Picked this bus hoping it’d be quieter. It’s rammed with school kids. 
Hmm. Bus driver is swerving all over 1631. Almost ended up in hetchel 
Swearing is all these ethnics can do. Leeds what are you doing to 
educate your children. I am from here as soon…
I had two fun years at YE from 1997 until 1999. Loads of drinking done 
in the bracken fox and that motivational juggling stuff. Team 
building, camp David. Near ripon. Bridge building and laser quest. 
Kids do my head in. They’re pointless.
During term time children should be banned from public transport. They 
should be caged on a school bus patrolled by a teacher.
We didn’t win the quiz, but our team was huge; like a hernia…
Happy. Full of beans. Walking. Home. Tired. Sleep. Midnight.

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