Data Processing MADE SILLY, 2010


Went to Meet the B’ageists 1300, to pick up that IT textbook from 1976. I will pull it to pieces and use it…thank you Susan , not woolbridge, but Wooldridge? This book is actually part of a series. Just like the dogshit up Roman pooh alley. I needed to be eagle eyed, I am action man circa 1972…What is a dridge? is it a ridge and a dredge or is it d’ridge – look at that d’ridge man! How about a d’ri-dge-man – prior to cro-magnon!

Alexis said meet the Beigeists. I like that! I think we have Alpha B’ageists and Beta B’ageists. Alpha’s work in the shop for an hour a week and Beta’s come in to talk for an hour a week. One has 2inch long grey hairs all over her muzzle! I wonder if she stopped owning a mirror when her husband died in 1982? or maybe it helps keep her warm? Maybe she is really a he!

I noticed our Romantic park is being landscaped by the local council dudes init. Soon the bumps will be a lush rolling vista – silvan lush and hopeful. Perhaps they will remove the random plastic bottles, shopping trollies and clean up the 6ft by 1ft yatching lake and maybe widen it a tad? i think i could envision it being widened and deepened to take up the whole bumpy landscape. Like when you expand a body of water in SimCity and make it deeper and deeper.Perhaps we could have a Marina or a Fishing village? Leeds needs a beach! Or somewhere to drowned more people!

SimCity 4: Landscape

Paul took a shed of photos – of yours truly. I’m an old git now. My forehead is patchy and i have just a couple of random hairs. I didn’t know this and was thinking I still had a full head of hair!. They’re like old people, dying one by one, standing solitarily in the end looking for a bargin. The bargin of slapheadness! I once got told off by a bunch of grey’uns in a sheffield hotel for having a folical difficulty…

Oh i am in ‘bucks, street lane, again to update my blog and get into a routine? Yep me in a routine.

I tried to listen to a hypnosis tape by Paul Mckenna last night to help me with this Park Drive, East, insomnia. It was interesting. I felt like I was buried in the warm earth and fading away. I didn’t sleep like I expected, and Paul said I was snoring my head off, but it was I having a very strange experience. I was relaxed and had failen from consciousness, but not quite – I was in semi-consciousness. It’s like I could just go over this hill and see awake in the distance and at any time I would if I didn’t accept where this CD had placed me; beyond in the valley of tranced out? I don’t much listen to dance music any longer and I really never liked Trance – Freaking Paul Oakenfield. I wonder why Paul Mckenna likes Trance. He struck me more of a Deep houser than a Trancehead. Indeed he looks to be the last guy to get off his box to Trance! I wonder if he ever did acid as a kid, had long hair and built huge fires to keep him warm or had nick hart put a flick knife to his throat? The ambient side of his hypnosis also had very little effect on me…just gimme Tim Hecker! Did people drop off when he was talking in class or did he convince his mate to give him their dinner money?

I’m off to a Wedding Reception on Saturday, so won’t be in ‘bucks until monday at the earliest. How will it cope without my rump taking up a corner and sneering at the red sea pedestrians? Hey I got some free coffee. Holiday Blend with a smiley face in the O of Holiday! Do the owners of ‘buck know this? Bagels all round!

Check out Car Bomb by Negativland…Escape From Noise (1987)

Hee hee. Nuff for now!

‘Speak! Why do you never speak?’


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